Web Development - IT Support - Websites

Create your own web site, barrier-free
Homepage creation:

Simple static website, one-time HTML and CSS creation, up to 10 pages, no shop, no form, no JavaScript, no hosting. Data is uploaded once via SFTP. Provision of texts, images, logos, etc. provided.

One-time € 200, (around 5 hours of € 40 each)

General IT support - solutions for computer of all kinds
Freelancer - Windows, Linux, Shell Scripting, JS, PHP, HTML, etc.

IT services for worldwide customers as a freelancer. Among other things, I process orders in the areas of windows, linux, databases, web development, automation / scripting, etc.

Remote IT support? How does this work?

You may already be familiar with remote maintenance from your employer. You have a problem and call the company's IT support. This no longer comes by at your workplace as it used to, but switches itself to your computer via software.

I use exactly the same technique. Regardless of whether you are a private or commercial customer. With the help of the German Teamviewer software - provided I have your permission - I can access your computer and control the mouse and use your keyboard. Of course, access is encrypted and you are in control at all times. You can terminate the connection at any time and if you and I move the mouse at the same time, you are always in control.

So I can help you as if we were sitting next to you. You talk to me on the phone and I still have the same screen content in mind. So you can show me your problem and I can quickly pinpoint the cause. You can imagine how much easier it is to get help via remote maintenance compared to help over the phone. While someone was still describing the problem on the phone, I already fixed the problem by remote maintenance.

Remote maintenance makes it possible to dive into the deepest corners of the operating system, because your online assistant sees everything that is happening on your screen and can move around completely freely. You will be amazed at how much you will learn just by watching on your PC.